The Production Process

Raw Fish

1). Raw fish is first obtained from suppliers, it is washed with running water
     and removed of impurities (e.g. plastic bags, fishing string etc).



2). Next the fish is subjected to a cooker which cooks the fish to no more
     than 90 degrees celcius;


3). The cooked fish is now subjected to a mechanical press where the
     flesh of the fish is separated from the oils and other liquids;


4). The solution is laid to rest and mixed with our proprietary brand of
     digesting enzymes. Excess oil is removed leaving the solution with
     approximately 10% oil;


5). The mixture is then left to sit for about 1 to 2 months until set
     parameters are met, at this point phosphoric acid is added
     until the mixture's pH is between 4.0 to 4.5. This is to stop
     the digesting and to ready the mixture for packaging;


6). The mixture is then passed through a sieve to remove any matter that
     might clog foliar sprays;


7). The mixture is then bottled and is ready for distribution.



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